Project Description

GSD Technologies is a nation-wide IT company out of St. Charles. Their parent company is TTSG, who we have a great relationship with. We built TTSG’s website at the beginning of the year, so we’ve gotten to know their team very well. Simply put, the two of us just clicked. Naturally, their owner turned to Pesola Media Group to create their branding from top to bottom. This includes their logo, website design, and copywriting.

We began with the logo design. Our goal was to create a logo that was simple yet impactful. We accomplished this with a typography-based logo in their signature blue. From there, we moved towards the web presence. We worked together to create a sleek website that perfectly aligns with their new brand. GSD has a sophisticated dark-tone website design that is easy to navigate. The website is filled with keyword-rich content to attract potential clients and inform about their wide selection of technology services.