Data-driven Digital Marketing

Analytics maximize your online marketing and drive sales, leading to more opportunities and more profit. Pesola Media Group’s data specialists are masters in all areas of web analytics tracking and reporting. Our main area of concentration is Google Analytics, the most popular online web analytics service.


Google Analytics

Through Google Analytics, you have direct access to user flow, audience behaviors demographics, page view duration and other vital statistics for your website. As an owner of a fully-responsive website, you worked hard to ensure your site is user-friendly. Pesola Media Group is here to show you the impressive results derived from all your strategic efforts.

Website’s Traffic

The first step to understanding your website’s traffic is creating a Google Analytics account. Once your account is established, a tracking code, unique to your individual website, becomes available for installation. This tracking code is the heart to all your website’s data. Pesola Media Group’s left-brained web analytics team is highly experienced in installing Google Analytics tracking codes for websites. It’s our priority to make sure your Google Analytics account and code are properly set up, to give you the most accurate website data possible.

Web analytics deliver superior data about your website, your visitors, and their engagement habits. Knowing this information allows you to make enlightened business decisions that impact your business’ growth like never before!

Pesola Media Group understands digital marketing and has advanced web analytics and reporting experience to help increase your website’s return-on-investment. With unmatched data, you can generate sales leads, grow your website (and your brand) and create customer conversion again and again.

It’s our ultimate privilege to help you and your team reach your business goals. Understanding your web data will get you one step closer! Contact us today to get in touch with a member of our dedicated web analytics team.