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Brand Identity

Cohesive Branding and Development

Brand identity is more than a logo, but your logo must encapsulate your brand. It’s the singular image that starts the story. Branding is storytelling; it tells people what your company does, creates recognition and expresses who your company is. Branding is the pull and marketing is the push, one without the other is like a house without a foundation. It simply doesn’t work. Creating a logo is necessary, creating a brand is legendary. Your brand is what leaves them wanting more.




Pesola Media Group was born from logo design and brand identity and we continue to help clients overcome their identity crises every day. We coordinate the naming, trademarks, color selection, graphics, messaging, design, implementation and marketing of your unique brand; ensuring success from the start. A great brand makes the competition irrelevant. No matter what your business or the size of your company, your brand is what sets you apart and makes you memorable.


Part of being memorable is being reliable. Recognizable brands provide us with a sense of safety and security. When you plan a meal for your family, you strive to purchase only the best quality ingredients. Subconscious or intentional, the foods you shop for are often a direct reflection of your trust in specific brands. You place trust in food companies’ brand identity, the same way clients do for your business. Having a strong brand identity will help boost your business’ credibility.

The single most important reason you need an established brand identity is to illustrate that you take pride in your company. Your brand shows the world who you are as a business, what you believe in and your company values. When customers see how committed you are to your own success, their trust for you helping their business succeed will only grow. Take control of your image, and contact Pesola Media Group today for unparalleled brand identity services.

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